Usb Electric Mushrooms Contact Lenses Cleaning Box


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Note: this product contains no batteries

Size: 104*70*41 mm

Color: green, yellow, pink

① exclusive use of the inquiry inhibit bacteria, mold technology: to identify pathogenic microorganisms phospholipid surface receptors, thereby selectively destroy pathogenic organisms cell membrane, kill pathogens, the protein receptors on the cell surface of human eye tissue has repulsion. With 10,000 purification plant production, inhibit bacteria, mold rate of 99.99%.
② effective inhibition of bacteria and germs harmful to the eyes, heavy metals up to standard.
③ completely suppress residual bacteria, away from secondary bacterial contamination, make health care safer box.
Instruction manual:
① first remove the double-twist lid, care solution added to the mark, and then double-contact lenses into the exact position, fully immersed in the care solution, tighten the lid on the double.
② bottom fitted 1.5V7 # batteries, solar panels tightly closed, in order to battery life, when not best to remove the battery.
③ covered with double-cover, the washing machine double into a groove clamping.
④ press the switch, the machine began to work, at the same time issued a buzzing ...... sound, indicating normal operation.
⑤ need to stop when you press the switch again, showing off the power to stop working, you can remove the contact lens care solution After washing use.
⑥ Do not use water to clean the machine, to prevent damage to the line.
⑦ not use soap or other cleaning agents wash.
⑧ appear stimulate swelling and other phenomena such as the eyes, immediately remove the lenses and consult an ophthalmologist.



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