Red Pet Cat Toe Care Grooming Scissors Nail


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1. Designed with stainless steel blades for precision trimming

2. Perfect for cats and kittens

3. Makes Clipping Faster

4. Rubber coated handles ensure a reliable, no slip grip when using these cat claw clippers.

5. Easy to hold


Material: Stainless steel
Size: 8*5.5
Application: cats, small dogs
Weight: 18g

To make use of the method of:

1 cats and dogs on the thigh, gently touch its head to make them stable.

2 pick up one of the legs with special nails for the long nails one by one cut.

3 nails and nail angle was 45 degrees.

4 do not cut too close to the root of the meat (dark opaque), otherwise it will bleed.

5 if accidentally bleeding, we should immediately use the medicine to stop the bleeding agent to stop the bleeding.

6. When cutting nail, foot hair scissors, cut to with foot flat row, too long will make slipping pets, the short leg wall will be susceptible to a hard object spine injury.


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