Portable LED Ring Light Tripod Lamp


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1. To fill a studio with light for a photo, portrait self-timer fill light.

2. Small studio ring LED light USB photo fill light; easily see makeup application.

3. With tripod and remote control, making your photography more convenient.

4. Self-timer fill light/beauty camera video anchor. Soft light photography with light dimming.

5. It is widely applied to outdoor for photo light, fill light, indoor portrait, fashion, wedding art, advertising photography, shooting video, etc.

6. No ultraviolet and infrared light radiation, low heat output, safety, and environmental protection. Long lifespan of more than 50,000hrs.

7. The ring-shaped light will make the model's eyes more bright and vivid, making the portrait more perfect!

Ring Light Product Details:  

  • Streaming LED Stream Light Three Light Modes (White, Warm White, Warm Yellow) 
  • Steady Tripod Stand with Anti-Slip Feet 
  • 10 Lighting Brightness Levels 
  • Universal Phone Holder (2.36 "to 3.35" in Width) 
  • Adjustable Standard Height (14 Inches to 47 Inches) 
  • Fast and Easy Assembly, Disassembly


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