Peaches The Cat Phone Plugy


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Bringing our cats with us is not always an easy task - our furry little felines tend to get bored and mischievous. Before we know it, they are climbing on desks and knock things over, or wriggling themselves into our personal belongings. However, Peaches is always entertained by her ball of red yarn, making it easy to take her with you everywhere you go! All you must do is plug this white and brown tabby into your iPhone's headphone jack! She comes from a litter of four - so, don't miss your chance to adopt them all! We promise that each of these kittens will keep themselves entertained with their balls of yarn!

Peaches the Cat Phone Plugy Includes:

  • 1 Peaches the Cat Phone Plugy
  • 1 Phone Plugy Pin Protecter


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