Original Play Squishy Kinetic Sand


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Molds like clay. Looks like sand. What is it? it's play squishy sand. Kids have a yearning to build a sand castle, but it's pouring rain out? No worries, you can set up your "sandbox" right in the middle of your living room. No beach needed. It's super easy to clean up: you won't even need to haul out your vacuum cleaner or mop. Limited only by their imaginations, your kids will have fun creating sand masterpieces. 

• Available in 7 Colors - Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple and Sand
• Molds like clay
• Very easy to clean-no vacuum cleaners or mops needed
• Non-toxic
• Recommended for ages 4 and up
• Won't dry out if stored properly
• Do Not Eat
• Quantity: 500 Grams


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