Quick Click Smartphone Gesture Button


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A super quick shortcut key for Android smartphones and tablets. When inserted into the headphone port, presets you configure can be triggered in an instant to activate your favorite apps and functions.

Main Features:
Plugs into your smartphone's headphone port
The super portable press button fits within your phone's headphone port, just leaving a small button accessible so you can trigger all kinds of wonderful shortcuts in an instant.
Totally customization
Whether you wish to take quick pictures or play your favourite game, the press button gives you the freedom to control your smartphone to do whatever you need quickly and easily.
Multiple pressing styles for extra functionality
Using the app, you can select how the push button operates.
Five colors available, stylish design
Made from brushed aluminium, the press button matches the style of your phone and fits securely into your android smartphone or tablet's headphone port.
Compatible Devices
Work with all android phones with 3.5mm port, such as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus, Samsung Note 7, HTC, Huawei Mate 7 etc.



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