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The “Little Man” tea infuser is the perfect tea-time companion! Just place a pinch of your favourite loose-leaf tea inside his silicone pants and perch him in his favourite spot on the edge of your cup. The little tea man may look relaxed but he's actually hard at work helping the tea steep and blend with the hot water around it, resulting in the perfect brew.
Made of pure, food grade flexible silicone rubber, the Little Man tea infuser is versatile and durable, withstanding temperatures as cool as -22°F and as hot as 450°F. This tea infuser is the perfect gift for tea lovers and a welcome addition to afternoon tea-time.

• Original design - A fun loving tea infuser in the shape of a little man
• Brews a delicious cup of tea every time!
• Made of pure, food grade flexible silicone rubber
• Can withstand temperatures of -22°F to 450°F
• Helps you loosen up with your favourite cup of loose-leaf tea and is also very likely to put a smile on your face!
• Be careful if you take them to work, others might try to “steal” them
• The perfect kitchen accessory for your mug
• Makes an adorable novelty gift for any tea lover!


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