Yoga Mat Balance Cushion


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The Balance Cushion is an inflatable massage pad used for core strength and balance exercises. Made from a tough PVC they can hold up to 100kg safely. The Balance Cushion features both a smooth and nodule side both of which can be used for any exercise. The unstable surface provides a whole new range of challenging exercises involving core muscle recruitment. By increasing or decreasing the amount of air within the cushion you can can heighten or lower the difficulty of your exercises. More air will decrease the difficulty by making the cushion firmer and more stable. Likewise, less air will increase the difficulty by making the disc-cushion unstable.


  • Useful for posture, fitness and balance training.
  • One side with tactile nubs for sensory input, and increased body awareness.
  • The other side with smooth slightly raised nubs for increased traction and stability.
  • Difficulty level can be controlled by inflating or deflating balance cushion.
  • Compact and portable, perfect for indoor or outdoor use!

Material: PVC
Color: Blue / Purple (optional)
Diameter: 34cm / 13.4in
Weight: Approx.890g / 31.4oz



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