Full Face Snorkel Mask


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  • Equipped with camera mount, easily attached to GoPro camera
  • Easy Breathe: It makes breathe underwater via nose and mouth as easy and natural as you do on land
  • Top Dry System: Prevents water entry when submerged. Soft safe silicone seal around face, leakage can be drained off by the drain valve via lift head
  • Anti-fogging: Double air-flow channels structure for anti-fogging, prevent breathe fog from messing up vision field
  • Wide 180-degree View: Wide and clear window with 180 degrees of vision field to make you have a great clear panoramic view.Easily and clearly see what's around you in water
  • Elastic Fabric Strap: It has adjustable and comfortable elastic fabric strap,easily pull on face,won't pull hair
  • Ideal for diving, swimming, snorkeling and other underwater activities

Note: Generally, S/M is for women and teenagers, L/XL is for men with long face.

How to choose the right size:

  • Step 1. With your mouth closed, measure the distance between the bridge of your nose and the bottom of your chin:
  • Step 2. If the distance is less than 12 cm or 4.7 inches, Choose S/M.
  • Step 3. If the distance is more than 12 cm or 4.7 inches, Choose L/XL.

How to use and remove mask:

  • Put snorkel mask on and place the head in water for ensuring no water entering the mask.
  • Breathe naturally when the dry top is above water.
  • Remove the mask by placing your finger into the gap between the mask and your jaw, then push the mask upwards over your face.

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