Flexible Hip Support Wrap And Protector


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Flexible support for upper thigh, pelvis & hip. Stabilizes & protects hip in total comfort. Comfort achy hips. Stabilize & protect hip to help prevent re-injury while still allowing flexibility. Gentle compression helps prevent swelling and pain. Enhances recovery from sprains, strains and surgery. Adjustable magic-cling closure provides custom fit. Fits right or left hip. Great for women & men.

• Flexible support
• Stabilizes & protects hip
• Comfort achy hips
• Help prevent re-injury
• Allows flexibility.
• Gentle compression
• Helps prevent swelling and pain
• Enhances recovery from sprains, strains and surgery
• Adjustable magic-cling closure
• Fits right or left hip
• Great for women & men

• Small Fits hip size: 30'' - 40''
• Medium Fits hip size: 40'' - 50''

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