Emergency Water Filter Tube - Personal Water Purifier


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Special activated carbon can effectively reduce water of bad taste and toxic substances, for example chlorine, methane, organic chemistry property and harmful substances. It makes water taste better. More important is the removal of heavy metal ions in water. This tube can filter 99.99% parasites in waste water and bacteria to prevent dysentery.
Filthy water can be filtered and sterilized to potable water quality; thus preventing diseases caused by water such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery and other. This solution can be provided for victims of hurricanes, earthquakes or other disasters to safe drinking water. Special sterilization medium in which High poly iodine resin to kill bacteria and virus in the water thoroughly and effectively with sterilization rate of above 99.99%. It can prevent amoebic dysentery and the related intestinal disease effectively, this allows you to drink water safe and healthy.


  • Small size
  • simple structure 
  • easy to install 
  • you can carry it with you everywhere
  • 1000L Camouflage Water Filter 
  • remove sediments in water and contaminants such as rust 


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