3D Vr Glasses Virtual Reality Head Mount For 4 - 6 Smartphones


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If your phone screen size is between 4 to 6, and phone width less than 85mm, and phone length less than 160mm, you can use these 3D VR Glasses!

• Screen Size Supported: 4 - 6
• Screen Resolution Supported: 720P, 1080P, 2K
• System Supported : Android OS, iOS
• Compatible Models: iPhone 6 Plus, for iPhone 6, for iPhone 5S, for Samsung Galaxy S6, for HTC One M9, etc.
• Large lens barrel
• Environmental soft leather and sponge material reduces pressure to face
• Enjoy immersion 3D Games
• Diffuse reflection hood design
• Adjustable papillary distance
• Myopia users can use it directly with glasses
• Multi ventilation cooling design
• Adjustable head strap
• Removable front cover for camera
• Easy to use
• EVA protection for smartphones


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