2-Pack: Waterproof Pouches for iPhones and Smartphones


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Your smartphone is quite the piece of technology, and this waterproof pouch is a must-have if you're taking your phone with you fishing, hiking, or to any activity where there's the chance it will come into contact with water ... or sand for that matter. Simply place your smartphone in the pouch and seal it closed at the top to create a waterproof and condensation-proof barrier between your phone and the outside world. You can still use the touchscreen as normal to text, update social media, take photos, and more! Go full out and don't worry about water damage to your phone.

• Includes 2 waterproof smartphone pouches
• Fits most smartphones
• Can be rolled up when not in use
• Keeps your smartphone 100% dry
• Transparent display panel
• Available in your choice of Black, Blue, Clear, or Yellow




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