1000 Piece Rainbow Round Puzzle


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The improved difficulty, 1000 puzzle pieces, is interesting and challenging. Beautiful pattern, after finishing the puzzle, which makes it a great decoration. Colorful and the color changes more beautiful than the rainbow.

  • Develop Intelligence - It helps to cultivate children's cognition on color and shape, develop children's patience and concentration. The puzzle can effectively inspire people's thinking, train thinking, judgment, and develop patience. 

  • Relax Funny Game - Its function is to beautify the home and improve the taste of life. Because it can relax participants, the puzzle is also considered a casual game. Easy way to complete The back is printed with numbers to allow you to complete the puzzle, and it is also handy to the check-in time for any missing puzzles. 

  • Paper Material Safe - Made of high-quality cardboard which ensures durability. An exquisite eco-friendly water-based paint is used for inkjet printing. The color is beautiful and resistant. No discoloration, no other harmful substances.

  • Manual When building, be careful to avoid losing small pieces. When building a puzzle, you can sort each puzzle piece by the reverse letter sequence. First make the four sides of the picture, then press the front part of the puzzle to assemble the small pieces of the same sequence of letters, then combine the pieces together to make a complete puzzle. 


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