Portable Magnetic Finger Charger for iPhone and Android


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Electrical performance:
Micro USB input voltage: 5VDC
Micro USB input current: 2.5A
The charging port is the Android interface, and the output port is the USB2.0 protocol.
Current distribution:
Single-use current: 1.5A (MAX)
The simultaneous charging current of four magnetic mobile power sources: 350mA each
Product net weight: 285g
Product gross weight: 368g
Product color: black white
The size of the big charging treasure is: 145.5*77.8*16mm
Small charging treasure size: 70*31*12mm
Product packaging: carton
Packing size: 11*15*3.6cm

The standard comes complete with the following accessories:
1. 5000mAh polymer lithium battery large magnetic power bank
2. 4 Pieces * 1000mAh polymer lithium battery small magnetic charging
3. for Apple Lightning magnetic head 1
4. Micro USB magnetic head 1
5. USB Type-C magnetic head 1
Notice: the charging port of the charging bank is the Android interface, and the output port is USB2.0 protocol.



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